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Need a Trade account?

Swazi provides trade, business and commercial customers a discount on all Swazi range garments. Download an account application form, complete it and return to to get your discounted pricing now.

Staff Clothing

Whether it's a SWAZI® "off the shelf" solution, or we work with you to design and engineer a solution to fit your specific company needs, we have the experience and expertise to deliver. SWAZI® garments are an investment that will show you REAL payback. When staff outdoors are warm, dry and safe they are without doubt far more productive.
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Designed specifically for you

Let us work alongside you to provide clothing that is fit for your company purpose, should there be no "off the shelf" alternative. From concept, to research, design and field testing, we are able to tailor-make a solution for your staff. If your industry has requirements that clothing must perform to meet certified standards, or meet specialized criteria, then we can help.
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Your company branded apparel

The quality of your brand is reflected in the quality of your staff - and the clothing they wear when they represent you. There's no doubt, staff who look great, feel great and they act great. Inspire your team by instilling immense pride in the brand they represent. Your brand.
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Safety and high visibility

You need staff to be seen, for safety's sake, for peace of mind. Yet at the same time you also need them to be able to focus on their task in hand, yo get the job done and sometimes that means working in inclement weather. We understand high visibility and what's more, we have few secrets when it comes to making gear that will boost your staff productivity while working in cold wet conditions. How so? Here so.
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Promotional ideas for you

What better way of making your customers feel appreciated and personally valued than a piece of quality branded apparel. Skillfully crafted with your logo. Something they can wear with real pride - they'll become ardent ambassadors for your brand.
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Let us handle your logistics

Total service. We can store and despatch your garments to multiple addresses, to branches, staff, to individuals - no matter where on the globe. Design, manufacture, warehousing and despatch all from SWAZI HQ in Levin. How easy is that?
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