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Designed specifically for you

Swazi provides trade, business and commerical customers a discount on all Swazi range garments.  

Download an account application form, complete it and return to to get your discounted pricing now.

Designed specifically for you

Let us work alongside you to provide clothing that is fit for your company purpose, should there be no "off the shelf" alternative.

From concept, to research, design and field testing, we are able to tailor-make a solution for your staff. If your industry has requirements that clothing must perform to meet certified standards, or meet specialized criteria, then we can help.

A couple of examples of projects we have assisted on are clothing staff who were working in the malaria-ridden tropics and a helicopter company whose pilots were conducting early morning frost control with the doors removed from their helicopters... if we don't have it - we can make it.

Our design team can visit your site to work with your team, going that extra mile to ensure the outcome to your apparel challenge is a conclusive and satisfying result.

For more info, please email

Click here to download a copy of our Arc Suit Brochure.