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Let us handle your logistics

Swazi provides trade, business and commerical customers a discount on all Swazi range garments.  

Download an account application form, complete it and return to to get your discounted pricing now.

Let us handle your logistics

Total service. We can store and despatch your garments to multiple addresses, to branches, staff, to individuals - no matter where on the globe. Design, manufacture, warehousing and despatch all from SWAZI HQ in Levin. How easy is that?

It's timely. It's accurate and it takes all the hassle out of staff clothing logistics. No more need to keep boxes of garments in your prime storage space. Nor have someone rummaging through them to find the right size. We'll do all that for you. 

Each garment is barcoded with your company, style and size. You only have to email an order and we'll despatch it same day. We can also provide data on average sizing, manage your minimum stockholding for refill and give you up to date reports on what stock we hold for you in our warehouse. No worries.

For more info, please email