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Safety and high visibility

Swazi provides trade, business and commerical customers a discount on all Swazi range garments.  

Download an account application form, complete it and return to to get your discounted pricing now.

Safety and high visibility

You need staff to be seen, for safety's sake, for peace of mind. Yet at the same time you also need them to be able to focus on their task In hand, to get the job done and sometimes that means working in inclement weather

We understand high visibility and what's more, we have few secrets when it comes to making gear that will boost your staff productivity while working in cold wet conditions.

How so? Here so.

Our range of high visibility has been verified both Compliant and Certified. Made from rugged fabric and outstanding workmanship, it not only performs well, it outperforms the competition in durability and design.


Choose from our comprehensive range of world-class garments or speak to us about your own requirements. With all the current standards and regulations that abound, we can also help with deciphering the gobbledegook and walking you through what your responsibilities are given the nature of your work.

For more info, please email