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Wahine Toa


Wahine Toa

Recently we were privileged to be involved with the programme Wahine Toa - Women of Courage. The aim of the course is to empower women who have been affected by family violence, with goals of challenging the women on the course, both physically and mentally, in a safe outdoors environment. Facilitated by NZ Police, the course ran over two days and our involvement was to provide gear to keep all 7 participants warm!

Feedback has been incredibly positive, with many messages from women who were on the course "thank you so much for challenging me, supporting me through and helping me to begin my journey to self-belief, self-love and strength."

Davey commented "It's words like these that make us all realise at Swazi that sometimes small things like donating gear can make a huge difference in some peoples lives. For me the outdoors has always been a place of healing, of calm moments to gather my thoughts and give me direction."

Big thanks to local NZ Police staff, Senior Constable Fiona Read and Elizabeth Woodley for putting their energy and effort into such a meaningful cause.

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