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Dog vs Chamois

Dog vs Chamois

So how good really is the Swazi fleece FREE repair warranty? Leesa Todd was about to find out... she sent in her 23 year old Chamois Jacket that dog Tess had well and truly munted. Here then, in Leesa's own words is her experience with getting a Swazi jacket repaired.

"Tess, our 13yr old Labrador, was diagnosed with a genetic disease called PRA at age 4yrs . This destructive disease took away her sight over a period of 2 years. By age of 6yrs Tess was completely blind and we retired her from duck shooting, agility and gundog trials. While some people may have ended her life at this stage, we believed as she was part of our family we'd see how she got on around home and out and about. Surprisingly she adapted very well. Following our other dogs around and knowing her surrounds at home helped. Her non-aggressive nature just shone through. Tess had further eye problems including cataracts and glaucoma causing her eyes to bulge and break her lenses, as well as her eyes turning white (that really freaked some people out!) though none proved harm to Tess. In the end it was an easy decision to remove her eyes, taking away all her pain, as they were of no use to Tess any more.

Sorry for the long winded story, but this is why Tess has such a strong nose sense - so when she smelled those dog biscuits I'd left in my Swazi jacket pocket she was quickly onto them, munching her way through your fantastic fabric to find her treat! Thanks Swazi, my jacket is 23yrs old, to fix it for free was so totally unexpected."

Cheers, all part of the service Leesa - sorry the fabric patch on the repaired pocket doesn't exactly match - it was hard to find a fabric match after all those years! Keep those dog biscuits out of your pocket from now on...

Fleece Garment Repairs:
Swazi undertake to repair your fleece garment if it has been accidentally torn or damaged, free of charge, for the natural life of that garment while under recreational use.

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