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Chamois Back Steak

Chamois Back Steak

Back steak of well-hung chamois
Two Garlic cloves
Genoese Basil Pesto

Pre heat the over to 180°c. Cut up the vegetables and place in a well-oiled plate in the oven. Take a breather. Grab a brewski. Bring water to boil on the cooker for the pasta. Slice up the garlic and with a sharp knife, stab the chamois back steak and slip the garlic slithers into the meat.

Righto. Timing challenge. Once the water is boiling add the pasta, now at the same time put the back steak onto the heat, if you have one use a steak pan with the raised ridges, no worries if you don’t. Have the pan oiled and plenty hot, turn the steak over once it browns.

You can make some cool patterns on the meat if you do have a flash-as raised ridge meat pan… Turn the steak twice in one direction and then twice in the other for a cool mesh pattern. People who buy their meat from the butchers will have all sorts of stories about only turn a steak once, but trust me, if you can keep the core of the back steak rare and the outer well seared, this is going to be heaven.

Pasta, take it off just before it’s fully cooked, place in a colander and it’ll finish al dente, that’s firm but not hard. Add two heap tablespoons of pesto (I use Genoese Pesto as it’s made from fresh basil) and stir well.

Vegetables  Stick a sharp pointy knife in the vege, if the knife goes in easily and the vege is still crispy-ish, perfecto!

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