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Alford Forest Fire Brigade

   Volunteers.  Where would we all be without them?  Especially those who are directly connected with saving or protecting our lives.  People like our rural volunteer fire brigades, who not only fight the many (it seems the number just keeps going up) fires they are called out to, but in rural areas are the first response teams to vehicle accidents and paramedic callouts.  They are Legends.

  That's why when we received a request from the Alford Rural Fire Brigade through our Swazi website straight after lockdown, wanting a price on our Assegai jackets, we gave it a lot of measured consideration. 
We took it to Davey, who said "Yep, You're right.  It sounds like a sponsorship project."  Choice.  We were hoping the Boss would see it our way!  "Oh, one more thing Boss, how would you feel about travelling down to the South Island and doing a presentation for
the jackets..."

Alford Fire Brigade

  As it transpired, the person who had made the request for Davey to attend the presentation on behalf of the Alford Forest Brigade was actually an old friend of Davey's, Dame Lynda Topp.  Dame Lynda, who has been a community minded spirit for, like, totally forever, is actively involved with the brigade at Alford Forest.  Living in Methven and running the world famous even in Cairo Topp Country Cafe along with her amazing wife Donna, Dame Lynda offered to put Davey up for the night if he came down for the training and presentation evening at the Station.  "Alright.  I'll do it.  But ask her if she'll have wild duck on the menu.  Oh, and she has to have shot it herself!"  Sometimes the boss can be a little demanding...

  We shouldn't have worried, "No problems," replied the Dame, a keen duckhunter, "I'll even give him a stick of my duck salami to take back to Swazi with him."

Alford Forest Fire Brigade

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