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Davey's 4WD Tips



Introduction to 4-Wheel Driving

Davey Hughes introduces us to the finer points of off-road driving in his 4WD Isuzu D-MAX



River Crossing

River crossings can easily catch you out. Get Davey's tips on crossing a river safely.




Steep hillclimbs can be dangerous. Watch Davey's tips on walking the hill and choosing your line.

Get out of the truck and walk the line

- Davey Hughes




What, when and how to use equipment you should be taking with you on your next 4WD trip




A steep downhill can be really intimidating. There are many things to think about and many ways to make going downhill a safer option.




Mudholes can be a bit of a lottery. Davey has some great advice on how to avoid getting so stuck you need to make a long walk home.